Rapid - Proven to work for SEN and catch-up

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If you’ve recently subscribed to Rapid, the tools here will help you introduce it to your staff, colleagues and children.

An introduction to the Rapid family

Rapid is a family of resources for catch-up in phonics, reading, writing and maths.

Based on proven pedagogy, Rapid has been shown over and over to hugely improve children’s confidence and accelerate learning.

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What is Rapid?

Rapid family brochure

Let others in your school know about Rapid with the latest brochure. Read case studies and find out about the other Rapid programmes.

Rapid Reading component charts

See exactly which books you have in Rapid Reading, so you can check deliveries, or simply as a great quick reference when allocating books to your pupils.

Introducing Rapid to parents

Welcome parents to Rapid with this letter, explaining what Rapid is
all about, how they log in to ActiveLearn Primary and how they can help
their children with their learning at home.

Introducing Rapid to children

You’ll find logos, bookmarks and more to help you introduce Rapid to your children on the Rapid resources page

Rapid characters