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Discover a range of planning, curriculum and assessment resources for Rapid, including everything you need to know to get started and professional development to help you get the most out of your subscription.

Getting started
Our Getting Started Guides will help you get going as quickly as possible.

See how Rapid fits the EEF criteria for an effective intervention programme.

Professional development (PD)
If you haven’t had your Rapid PD yet, find out more about it here, and get booking.

Spread the word
Find materials to help you explain Rapid to your colleagues and embed it in your school.

Classroom goodies

Download these materials to use in your classroom.

Rapid characters

Download the Rapid characters to decorate your classroom or the reading corner.

Rapid characters

New customers

If you currently subscribe to one of the other Pearson Primary services on ActiveLearn Primary and are looking for more information about Rapid Reading, you can see information and samples and book a demo on the Pearson schools website.

Find out more and see Rapid samples

Rapid characters