Pupil learning using a laptop

Support videos

We've put together a series of short videos designed to help you get set up with your chosen programme and introduce some of the main features.

A note about these videos

We regularly make updates to improve the functionality and content of the ActiveLearn Primary platform, so you may notice slight differences between the way the site looks in these videos and the way it currently looks when you log in. We will shortly be updating all of these videos to reflect key changes to the platform.

ActiveLearn videos

Logging in to ActiveLearn Primary

The ActiveLearn Primary homepage

Setting up teachers, pupils, classes and groups

Finding, displaying and allocating resources

The Pupil World

Abacus videos

Progress & Assess in Abacus

This video shows you all of the Progress & Assess resources you have available within your Abacus service and shows you step by step how to use them to keep track of your children’s attainment and progress, so you know when the majority are ready to move on.

Bug Club videos

ActiveLearn Primary book band allocation

Bug Club allocation

Bug Club reporting

Using Progress & Assess in Bug Club

Grammar and Spelling Bug videos

How to allocate a Grammar and Spelling Bug unit to a pupil

How to look at reporting in Grammar and Spelling Bug

Using the Assessment Cycle Diagram

Using the Pearson Primary English Ladder

Where to find the teacher support in Grammar and Spelling Bug

Heinemann Active Maths videos

Quick Tour

Logging in

Home pages

Adding classes and teachers

Adding pupils

Sorting pupils into classes and groups



My Files

The Pupil World

Wordsmith videos

Using the planning tools in Wordsmith

Using the ebooks in Wordsmith

Using the Interactive Teaching Pages in Wordsmith