New Problem Solving Investigations added to your Abacus toolkit!

Discover new Problem Solving Investigations.

Over the last year, you’ve told us that you would like to have access to further problem solving and reasoning activities in Abacus - to help you challenge and deepen understanding for your whole class. So we’ve teamed up with the Hamilton Trust to bring you weekly Problem Solving Investigations, which launched in ActiveLearn Primary earlier this month!

What are they?

A key feature of teaching for mastery is helping children to deepen their understanding through rich and complex problem solving and investigative work. The new Problem Solving Investigations are printable sheets for pupils, with accompanying Teacher Guidance sheets. These are all available as Word files, allowing you to edit them as you wish - for example, you could add extra hints for some children, or more demanding challenges for others. There is one investigation per week for Years 1 to 6*.

These fantastic resources have been created by the Hamilton Trust, who have shared them so that Abacus schools have access too!

Problem Solving Investigation sheet

* Please note that there are no investigations for Year 6 Summer Terms 1 and 2, in order to make space for SATs. There are also currently 13 additional weeks that do not have investigations yet: Y1 Weeks 4, 6, 11 and 27; Y2 Weeks 5 and 15; Y3 Week 24; Y4 Weeks 7, 8 and 28; Y5 Weeks 3 and 9; Y6 Week 11. These investigations are still being written, and we hope to be able to add these before the start of the Autumn term.

How do I find them?

The easiest way to locate these new resources is to look at the top of your weekly plan - we’ve added a new ‘Problem Solving Investigations’ section. Here you’ll find a pupil sheet and accompanying Teacher Guidance sheet for each week.

You can also find them in the ‘Resources’ area, by selecting ‘Problem Solving Investigation’ in the Abacus Resource filter.

Why not take a look now?

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