New Grammar and Spelling Bug User Guide

Updated Grammar and Spelling Bug User Guide

We have refreshed our Grammar and Spelling Bug User Guide and we have also included three new sections. Read more about the changes and what's new.

We have completely refreshed our user guide for you with our Series Editors and Primary Education Advisors Christine Chen and Lindsay Pickton.

The new guide also includes three new sections:

  • A suggested route through the teaching units
  • An updated assessment section
  • Scoring for the Summative Assessment tests

Route through the Teaching units

In response to feedback from you, Christine and Lindsay have looked at curriculum requirements and recommendations in order to create a suggested route through the Grammar and Spelling Bug units. Found on page 12 of the updated guide, there are now bullet-pointed lists detailing this suggested (but not compulsory!) route.


Grammar and Spelling Bug is rich in assessment opportunities and we want to make sure you’re making the most of it all. We have pulled together all of the assessment opportunity details into one section and have added additional detail, including Activity Reporting (page 9) and how RAG (red/amber/green) data is recorded when the children work through their allocated games.


As part of the Grammar and Spelling Bug assessment cycle, teachers administer a diagnostic check before teaching a unit, and a summative assessment afterwards. The guide now includes scoring for these summative assessments (page 5), indicating whether your children are on track to meet age-related expectations.

To see the latest Grammar and Spelling Bug user guide simply log in and go to "Resources", then select "Teacher Toolkit" and open "A Guide to Using Grammar and Spelling Bug".