Fun festive maths challenges

'Tis the season to get mathsy

The holiday season is fast approaching so we thought we’d share some maths challenges with you - perfect for getting your class in the festive mood.  

If you’re running out of time to fit them in amongst everything else, then why not send them home over the holidays?

2016 Primary Advent

Twenty-four tasks for the run-up to Christmas.

Clever Santa

Solve the riddle to find out how many puzzles and books Santa needs to deliver.

Elf Suits

How long will the elfish mischief last?

These games, plus many more, can all be found on the NRICH website.

Don’t forget that we have mapped a selection of NRICH resources to the Abacus planning so that you have them at your fingertips. These activities are a great next step for developing a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. You can find them in the “Depth and Extension” section of your weekly and daily plans!

Abacus christmas characters