Tips on saving time with Bug Club

Save time using Bug Club

We know that managing your time during the school term can be a challenge, there are parents to speak to, books to mark, trackers to fill in, assessments to record and all that is alongside managing a classroom full of 30 little treasures every day, so read about how can you save time with Bug Club.

At first it can seem daunting to have to log in and monitor children’s reading through a system, but if you have a simple checklist of things to do when you log in, you can breeze through your reading allocation and assessment. If you only have time to log in once a week, here are our top two actions to take each time you log in for a smoother Bug Club experience:

1. Check each child has books to read

There’s nothing worse than an empty bookshelf, so each time you log in do a quick check to see which children in your class need more books. There are a few ways you can do this.

a) Head to ‘current allocations’ from the ‘resources’ tab. You’ll be able to look through pupil by pupil exactly what each child has on their bookshelf.

b) Head to ‘Pupil Profile’ via the ‘assessment’ tab. Here you can flick through each child’s individual profile and look for any children who have a current allocation number of less than three.

2. Have a look at what children have been doing

While children might have a full bookshelf, it’s of little use if they’re not logging on and reading! To get a quick view of how much each pupil has been reading you could do one of two things:

a) Head to the pupil profile and look at the completed resources number for each child – this will let you know if they’re finishing books and associated activities.

b) Take a look at activity reporting which can be accessed from the ‘assessment’ tab – here you can see pupil activity in the last three months, including the last date they opened a book on their shelf.

It’s also a good idea every now and then to check all your details (like your email address) are up to date. You can do this by clicking on ‘my account’ then ‘my profile’.